National Kindergarten of Computer And Emerging Sciences!

“This is the photo-copy of the first page of your answer sheet on which the marks you have scored are listed. Take it home, get it signed by your parents, and scribble on the top right corner a legitimate contact number through which to contact your parents. Bring it next Monday!”, the old professor, who could barely stand soundly, dictated on top of his otherwise inaudible voice. Before anyone could manage a groan, the professor bursts, “And I will call your parents and discuss your progress.” Half of the students drop the lower part of their jaws open in utter shock, some retain their composure, trying hide to stifle their reacation, while the rest diss away the professor’s meanderings with a cold smirk.

On a cold Thursday morning, which as the day progresses will transform into an otherwise unimaginably tiring Thursday afternoon and evening, a lecturer guards his ground and callously threatens, with a grin twisting at one end of his mouth as the words make way out the mouth, “I will show you your answer sheets next week. You will take it and get it signed by your parents and return it back. I will be cross-checking the authenticity of the signatures, and he who is found guilty of forgery, well, let’s just say, it won’t be good for him.” Half of the students are shocked, not so much by the news as the fear it has infused in their minds. Others still, don’t bother so much as a second thought, jerking off the threat as utter trash.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me the once-in-a-lifetime pleasure to introduce you to everything. First, allow me to introduce who I am. My name is Ayaz Ahmed Khan, I am a four-year old baby, and I study in kindergarten. The professor and the lecturer mentioned are my kindergarten teachers. The rest are my kindergarten friends — I have many.

All my friends are very naughty. They barely study. They enjoy teasing teachers, and playing with lego, colouring pretty pictures in the pretty picture book with colourful crayons, and many more things.

My teachers are very caring. They believe that all play and no work will make Jack a dull boy. They want us all to study and do well. But, because they themselves cannot find a way to control us and make us study, they now want to complain to our parents. They believe that since we are kindergarten babies, whatever our parents will tell us to do, we will do. I think my teachers are very clever.

But, this news has scared some of my kindergarten friends. Some of my friends aren’t bothered at all — they still like playing with lego and colouring pictures, etc. Rest of my kindergarten friends did not comment. Some of my kindergarten friends who know what will happen if their parents found out are very very scared. They realise that their parents will take away their toys, keep them away from watching Barney on Nikelodion, etc, until they start studying. My friends are very worried.

Everyone in my kindergarten class is discussing what to do. Everyone is thinking what will happen next, what will become of them.

I am scared. I don’t know what will happen next.


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