Random Musings #10

It is often easier to overlook your mistakes and make a fuss over those of others. It is said that it takes a man to admit his mistakes. I say that it takes a man to first realise and then admit his errors, his wrongs.

Update: Night out with a couple of friends.

I went to Nandos, an eatery in one of the posh locations of Karachi that specialises in serving spicy, grilled chicken, with a couple of friends for dinner tonight. We ordered a spicy leg of chicken each, with a bowl full of fries and another with coleslaw and soft drinks. For dessert, we feasted on a small yet heavy chocolate fudge cake, and, having finished that, went out to an ice-cream parlour a few blocks away for some Vanilla shakes and sundae.

It was a nice night out. I enjoyed the ride and seeing what they call the City of Lights at night time. It was fun.