Yesterday afternoon, a few friends at the campus were bent on taking me to offer prayers. I told them persistently that I don’t pray. They did not listen and wanted to force me to go with them, but I was equally stubborn and didn’t go.

It was not the first time something like that happened with me. What incidents like these leave behind in the mind to wonder about are questions like, “Is not religion a person’s personal affair?”, “Why do people swipe at every chance they get of enforcing their beliefs, their practices over others?”, and, “Why can’t people leave others alone in matters pertaining to religion?”.

I don’t pray, and I don’t believe in God. What buisness is it of yours to know and, not least, persuade me otherwise? None! Why do you feel the need to discuss religion with me when clearly I show no interest?

I could not care less what religion you follow, which God you have faith in. I don’t disapprove of your religious practices. I don’t derive any pleasure from mocking your religious inclinations. Why do you? (Although in my case religion is replaced by lack thereof.)

Sigh! Eventually, it all boils down to a single interrogative construction: Why?

Some day, I trust, I shall find out!

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