Rain galore!

It is as if the clouds above us are crying. It rained big time yesterday, where at one point everything went nearly dark. It rained day before yesterday too, now that I remember, and I, even, got drenched in it, sitting on the rooftop and savouring every drop of rain that managed to fall on to me.

I can perceive the smells and sounds of a heavy downpour as I write this. I can feel the cold wind seeping inside my room and lashing on my body. Oooh. One cannot imagine what I can kill to enjoy such weather. Sadly, the car’s tyre is flat and I cannot go outside for a free, slow ride through wet roads, switching the windscreen flapper on and off periodically.

The only annoyance is that the landline will go dead any minute cutting off my means of communications except that via mobile technology.


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