Of crushes, love and all.

Having a crush is not a bad thing. Getting obsessed over it, however, is.

If you believe in luck, I’d say you would be damn too lucky if you were to fall in love with a person who turns out to just be, um, the right one for you — if there is any such thing. Otherwise, that rarely happens.

I know statistics suck, but nine out of ten times, the first person you get a crush on and fall in love with, you almost always get obsessed with. And it gets worse if things don’t work out, which they usually don’t.

While that may seem like a bad thing, it isn’t. Well, at least, when you look at it from the angle that you might learn an important lesson out of that experience, it doesn’t seem so bad. Ideally — lol — then, the next time you fall for another person, having learned the lesson, you don’t get obsessed over it and don’t take it hard if things fall apart.

I speak out of experience.

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