Checkinstall: Building Slackware packages from source.

Checkinstall simply rocks.

I had had to upgrade Gaim to the latest snapshot, gaim-1.5.1, but could not find pre-built, binary Slackware packages for Slackware-9.1.0 running on my lappy. I downloaded the source tarball, configured the various Makefiles and built the modules. However, instead of issuing make install, I used checkinstall to generate a standard Slackware package tailored for my system. Five minutes later, wham, I have a Slackware package for gaim-1.5.1.

Cool! I did not know building Slackware binary packages from source could be as easy as “untar’ing the source, ./configure’ing, make’ing, and checkinstall’ing”.

One thought on “Checkinstall: Building Slackware packages from source.

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