It finally rained today. I wouldn’t call it a downpour, nor just a drizzle, or just a shower. It just rained. And it had to, for it hadn’t rained for a year. The weather had been absolutely pleasant throughout the week and the one before, with a consistent cover of grey, water-filled clouds above.

The wind had been blowing violently, but died down just today. As usual, it left behind a thick cover of dust on surfaces all over inside the house. I seriously find that annoying. Having dusted my study the other day, I just don’t like to see it dirt filled the next day. But it happens. That’s the only annoyance I find in the wind.

I went to the University yesterday, to get some work done at the Linux laboratory, and spent the entire seven hours from half past eight to half past three, in the lab freezing at about twenty degress, the air-conditioners there running at no more than sixteen degrees. I didn’t realise how beautiful the weather had been outside. Not that if I did I would’ve got outside and would’ve spent the day wandering and enjoying the weather instead of sitting in a freezing room, but still. Down in Karachi, such weather is a revelation.You’re more than just lucky if you get to enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I am glad you found it interesting. I used to love computers more than rain, but now I prefer nature to computers whenever I have the chance–but, of course, I would not deny the undying love affair I have with computers. ;)

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